Friday, April 30, 2010

How many licks to the center of a Family Pic?

Hi All! Sierra-dog here.

I am about to take you behind the scenes of my little blog and show ya'll out there in blog-land how much work I put into my pictures.
Take for instance a family photo.

Awww, how sweet.  But let's count how many pictures it took to get this one special picture.
Ready?  Brace yourself....
1 . Run... Forrest BM...Run...

2. So close!

3. Oops, missing BM.

4. Me: "I DON"T WANT TO SIT UP!"  Oh, and here comes BM- or at least his hand.

5. LL and me in a power struggle. 

6. LL: Is something wrong with the timer?
    Me: DUH!

7. Nice pants.

8. Boy, BM sure is getting a lot of exercise this way.

9. Don't sit on me!

10. Yep, we do it all for you.

How many bloopers do you go through until you get a blog-worthy pic? Are we normal just like the rest of you?  =)


  1. LOL! I cracked up over the commentary! Sadly, I take a billion pictures just to get one good shot. It's tough with two dogs! When one looks cute, the other looks bad. And Ti tends to close his eyes just as I snap a picture (even without the flash!), so I have to keep yelling things to try to get him to keep them open. "Want a cookie?" "Who's there??" "Daddy's home!" "Who likes car rides?" Yes, I sound like a fool, but one must sacrifice their dignity for a new blog entry LOL

  2. What fun! A great effort!...and we appreciate the pictures. That view was spectacular!
    Sending lotsaluv to you all.

  3. BOL!!! That's such a great post!! I love the process and yes! You are normal. We did the same thing trying to get a photo for a xmas card. Can you imagine this year with a new puppy??? Nice background, though. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? Mother nature really knew what she was doing out there.

    BTW, your 2nd picture (the family photo) came out beautiful!!

    Great post! Loved it!

    Much Love,
    Woofs and Hugz,
    Josie and Blues

  4. GREAT blog entry hahahaha! Absolutely - if not quite a timer issue, there's always picture fixing. Mom edits every one, even though I tell her she's wasting time and should take me hiking heheh! Love that photo, however - what a backdrop! We'd love to visit the GC someday! Also, LOVE your banner picture up top!
    Big Huggers xo

  5. Ha!

    Thanks fur sharing that one!

    It is a bit easier fur me in that I'm tethered/tied/roped/shakhkled/etc


  6. I think they ALL turned out great!! But you probably could use a longer timer, huh?

  7. That's HYSTERICAL! I used to have the same problem taking holiday pics of my toddler, but as a graphic designer, I am fluent in PhotoShop and got to where I'd swap good parts from one shot and add them to good parts of another and get an ideal end product! My family teases me for "Frankensteining" my kids' pictures, but the end result is usually worth it! Glad to see that your persistence paid off! GREAT family shot!

  8. Greetings from beautiful Virginia. Great fun to see how tired those two were after climbing up the hiking trails.
    Where is the picture of Grandma ?? So enjoyed our visit with you in Tucson.
    Keep climbing safe. LOVE from Grandma Wolf

  9. I go through a million pictures just for the right shot! I'm so thankful for digital - I couldn't afford blogging if we had to use film!


  10. I know this feeling! We have learned that the back of a dog/person's head is acceptable. Takes a lot less time that way... These are great!

  11. Hey Sierra! Sierra Rose here. That was great! Beautiful spot for a family photo :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  12. Pretty amazing since BM was the picture protester in his earlier days! :) Great entry!


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