Friday, May 28, 2010

A Thankful Thursday to remember

Hi All! Sierra-dog here!

This morning LL told me that I would be going to the vet.
Here I am in the car feeling not so excited about going.

But once I was there I was totally fine.  I was the best patient ever!!!

My vet looked in my eyes,

and looked in my ears, and several other unmentionable places. (Blush) Then a few pokes and I was done!

I was such a happy girl!

Since I was so good I got to do a little shopping.  I picked out snacks,

licked at few stuffies, (FYI: purple octopus patootie= not so yummy)

and did a little shopping for friends who have birthdays coming up.
(Doesn't that cat look like my bro, Peanut?)

I wanted LL to get me this foot,

but it freakishly looked like her own- same size and everything!- so she wouldn't get it for me.
"Come on LL!  I won't confuse the two! Promise!"

It was a great day after all!
Both LL and me went to our doctors today, and both got excellent bills of health.  To say that we are thankful would be putting it mildly.  We are thankful for the good news, for the times we have together, and for each other to love.  Especially in these times when so many others we know are grieving the loses of their health and their loved ones. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all.
Take the time to give your peeps a hug today and let them know you much you love them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fuzzy, wasn't he?

Hi all! Sierra-dog here!

In my last installment we were all left wondering, "What did Sierra see on her trip in the area around Globe, AZ?  We can barely stand it!  What was it Sierra?"
It was so fun to paw through your guesses, they were great! 
Well- it was a  bear!  A cub!

The peeps are making me post all of the pictures (even the fuzzy ones, sorry) of this bear because it was really something special that they saw it.

Here is what happened according to the peeps who were sitting in the cab of the truck:
 LL: *Gasp!* What is that running across the road? A bear!
BM: It's a cub! He just came from over that hill.
LL and BM in unison: Where is the Momma bear? *Frantically looking around to see if they could see her, to no avail.*
BM: Where are the dogs?
LL: They are in the back- they are fine. What are they doing?  They don't even seem to notice.  Thank goodness!

The cub noticed the truck and quickly moved to a tree and started to partially climb up, looking startled.

Not wanting to frighten the poor baby any more they kept the truck moving, snapped a few more pictures and left.

Here is what happened according to the dogs who were sitting in the back of the truck: (ie Dexie and me):
Dexie:  *Yawn!* I am so tired!
Me:  I know!  All that swimming really wears me out.
Dexie:  Do you want some more lemonaid?
Me:  No thanks, but will you pass the sunscreen?  I think it missed a spot."
Dexie: Do you think I look fat?
Me: NO!  In fact your coat looks great, especially after that algae bath.
Dexie: I still think you pushed me!
Me: I did not!  Hey, what are the peeps doing?  I think we slowed down.
Dexie: Oh, they are taking pictures again. Those crazy peeps are always taking a picture of something.
Me: Thank goodness it not of us this time...
Dexie: Yeah, for once!  Hum... I'm going back to sleep.
Me: Me too.  *snor*

Yep, we kinda missed it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

San Carlos camping, We saw a ??????

Hi All!  Sierra-dog here.  My latest adventure included some Truck Camping on the Apache Indian Reservation outside of Globe, AZ.

It was super pretty there.

I drove.

Just kidding, BM said that I couldn't.  So I was the navigator.  I took this job very seriously and didn't lay down on the job...


The peeps ate at their favorite restaurant in Globe.  They think it is a must-stop if you like little dive restaurants were they serve Mexican food and chips with butter on them.  Yummy and TOTALLY low-cal. *Cough, yeah right, Cough*

Here is our camp site.  It wasn't bad! What was bad was the graffiti on the rock.  At least it was pleasant.

I even got to sleep with the peeps in the back of the truck because I am special.  Err.. Dexie got to also.

We started in on our hike down the creek when the peeps noticed how warm the water was.

We then noticed how much green stuff there was in the creek.  BM says the warm water helps it to grow and it was EVERYWHERE!

Hum... more green stuff.  LL called it "Algae".

A little down stream we heard a big "Splash!!!!" and  Dexie was seen swimming through this!


"Um, Ma?  Dexie says she needs some help getting out!"

Dexie: "Put away that camera and get me out! Oh, and you all can STOP LAUGHING and help me!" The poor thing looked like a green sea monster!  She was not the least bit pleased with her little swim.

After that incident we decided to abandon the creek hike idea and go for a nice drive instead.

Dexie enjoyed the view from here much more then the creek. You can see how she is all cleaned off and her coat is very shiny.  Who knew an algae swim would be so good for the furrs?  I should have charged her for pushing her in kindly suggesting she may enjoy a therapeutic mud bath.

The peeps let us blaze the trail!

We found cow tanks and went swimming.

We were very pleased to see how BM's training on throwing sticks for us is progressing so nicely. He throws until his arm gets tired. Isn't he a great peep?

While on the drive guess what we saw?  NO really, you're going to have to guess.  Here are a few hints:
1) It was fuzzy.
2) BM and LL have never seen one in AZ before.
3) It's momma was not around.
4) We were glad we were in the truck.
Come back soon for pictures!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to get a man!

Well, as you know, Augie and Ti are my VBBs- Very Bestest BOYFRIENDS!
Some of the ladies have been writing in and asking, "How did you do it, Sierra?  What do we do to get boyfriends too?"  Well, ladies I have to say,  "Just be yourself!"  Once you show him your true furry fabulous self how could he not luv you?  For instance:
Show him your winning smile,

Let him see your fantastic sense of fashion,

Show him your great sense of humor, and that you don't get grumpy (that often).

Let him know you're a good communicator.
"This means talk to the paw!"

Introduce him to your family.  It's important that he know that your peeps are totally NORMAL- like mine! See...?

If you're into Sports that's a big plus!  Show him how much you love Monday night football.
"Football, boring!  Snor......"

Show him how selfless you are and how willing you are to share.
"This is my bone.  Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine! I won't take me eye off it for a second."

But most of all remember- YOU ARE FABULOUS! (No matter what he thinks!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

We'd just like to say....

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is fuller with Mommy's around!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers around the world.  We are wishing you a very special day.
And special "Hello" to Gran-ma-ma.  You are the best Mom ever!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Camping with the peeps in a plane!

Hi All!  A few weeks ago we went camping- for the first time ever!  It was so fun! We camped from the plane. These are all the pictures we have (darn those batteries!) but we hope you enjoy.

Here we are ready to go! We were just so excited.  New "Neck-R-Chiefs" AND a trip.  It was a big day.

Safe and sound at Red Creek, AZ. Look at how green the desert was! (Yes peeps, this IS green- for us.)

BM landed us safely on the runway-type-thing behind us.  (Yes peeps, this IS an airstrip- for us.)

Here is BM tying down the plane. That's Dexie grazing in the background.

There was lots of water, hiking, swimming, camp food and fun. But best of all was time spent with the peeps. 
I love BM!  Thanks for the safe trip!

Welcome, Welcome!

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Meet the Peeps: Breakfast Man
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Meet the Peeps: Dexie
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Meet the Peeps: Peanut the Nemesis
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Meet the Peeps: Robert Dashel Par, aka "Dash"
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