Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Surprised!

I am beyond excited.  My WHOLE BODY is wagging!  LL finally got home from her business trip and we had time to catch up with our blogging friends. I saw, to my delighted surprise, that I had received an award from Sugar.  Thank you so much Sugar! Sugar has the most pawsome blog and has the sweetest Golden face I ever did see- no wonder her name is Sugar!  Me and LL are so new to blogging we had no idea what to do with an award. (Newbies, augh!) Sugar's peep was so nice to help us out.  That's true blogging friendship.  Thanks Sugar's peep!
Check out Sugar's blog especially this one and tell me if you think we might be related.
                              Sierra-dog: 23/NOV/2003

I'm feeling the luv, and wanted to pass on the award.
This one is goes out to Augie and Ti.

I have to confess that Dexie and I have a HUGE crush on these boys.

               Sierra: "Look, it's Augie and Ti's blog!"

         Dexie: "Oh, I think I'm drooling!" *heart!*

Seriously, they're like super-model GRs.  Oh my, so very, very handsome! *Blush*
I'm "Team Augie" and Dexie is "Team Ti". Good thing there are two of these gorgeous boys or else there may have been some serious fur flying around here! Their super pawsome blog is the reason I was able to convince LL to help me with a blog of my own.  (Again, darn not having opposable thumbs!) Augie and Ti's peep was so super helpful and kind, and guided us on our way into the blogging world. Isn't that super nice?  Thanks Augie and Ti!  We give you a high-five!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Formal(ish) Introductions: Part 2- Lovie Lady

I'd like to introduce you to Lovie Lady.  Sometimes I call her Walk Lady, Hiking Lady, Climbing Lady, Working-too-much Lady, Yoga Lady, Garden Lady, Flower Lady, Annoying-peep-with-the-Camera Lady, Training Lady, Puppy Raising Lady, Cooks-only-when-she-has-to-Lady. Yep, she has a lot of names. But the one I use the most is Lovie Lady because she LOVES me SO much.

She certainly does a lot of stuff, but one thing is for sure:
What she says goes! (in one ear and out the other. )
For example:

"No babies on the bed!"

"Sierra, come here!" 
I think you get the point- she's the boss around here!

Public warning:
Sometimes I also call Lovie Lady the "Knitting Lady".  There is a 99% chance that she will shamelessly try to publish some of her finished work on my blog!

See!!  I knew it!  But don't I make a perfect model?  And Dexie and I did help...

 What do you help your peeps do?

Next time... Mr. Peanut, "The face of pure evil."  (insert mysterious-sounding music here.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Formal(ish) Introductions: Part 1- Tucson and Breakfast Man

It has been so fun to get to know all kinds of new friends from around the world since I started blogging!  What wonderful peeps and dogs we have met.  "Hello!" to all of our new friends!
Since we are getting to know each other I thought it would be fun for you to know a little more about my peeps.

Where we live:
Breakfast Man and Lovie Lady (more on her later) live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
We love it in Tucson because about 10 minutes from our house we get to hike here:

Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert and gets really, really hot in the summer.  Those tall things in the picture are called Saguaros and have big thorns on them so you really shouldn't do this:
"Why do your crazy peeps live there if it gets so hot?", you ask.  Well, because both of these pictures were taken in December.  (Just had to rub it in a bit for my friends like Byron who are living in the snow right now. Hi Byron! Stay warm!)   October through May is so pretty here.  It rarely gets below freezing and we get to play outside all spring, fall and winter. It's prefect for hiking, biking, climbing, flying (more on this to come), games of fetch- just about anything! During June, July and August and sometimes September we don't go outside unless we are wet or travel somewhere else. We spend most all of our time in the air conditioning or in the pool. 
In Tucson there are a lot of people who live here in the winter and somewhere else in the summer. We call them "Snowbirds", aka: The smartest people ever.  Someday the peeps hope to be smart.

A little more about Breakfast man (BM):
BM does bring home the bacon (yum...bacon...), but if he could, he would spend all of his time doing this:
Flying Uncle J's Glider in the middle of nowhere, aka: El Tiro Gliderport.I think you get the point.  He kinda loves to be up in the air in those silver birds and to borrow stuff from Uncle J. He taught me how to fly too! Here we are at my first lesson, age 12 weeks.     

I loved it!  I go everywhere I can with him, and we have had some fantastic adventures.
When BM and I aren't flying around in the middle of nowhere we are building our own RV-8 together.
When it's done it will look something like this:
Cousin J built that one himself and we all think he did a great job.  LL thinks it's super pretty, but I think it could use a bit more fur in it.  I'll have to work on that.
I am super- lucky to have such a great peep.  He is my very best friend.

Next up... Lovie Lady and Mr. Peanut. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Me: 1; Kids: 0

Every once in a while, and especially around the Holidays, the peeps get all sentimental and talk about if it's time to add to the numbers of our happy little family.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy talk.  That's the peeps for you.  Always wanting more.  More fur babies?  I ask you, what more could they ask for than this?:
(Insert picture of our gorgeous selves looking very cute and well- behaved.  Check!)

Then it dawned on me.  Maybe,  just maybe, they weren't talking about FUR babies.  Maybe they were talking about those little things that cry, smell funny, and look kinda like peeps- only smaller.   They are called "kids". That got me worried.  What would happen if the peeps start to like kids better then Dexie and me?  What would happen if the peeps started to think that kids are cuter and more well behaved?  Will we be coldly brushed aside clinging helplessly to our DVD of Lady and the Tramp muttering incoherent sentences about Jock and Trusty being right all along? Something had to be done.  Fortunately, I was able to get my paws on this picture that was taken at the 2009 family New Years get-together.                
As you can see....

...I am no longer worried.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Fat Traitors

It's just not in my nature as the sweetest Golden ever, but I have to say I am a little put out.  I was looking through the pictures on Lovie Lady's computer and look what I found!  Gasp!  The peeps went out and had fun without me this weekend!  Can you believe it?  I thought they were going to work or something like that.  But NO- they were having a blast and I wasn't invited... and here is undeniable proof.  See?
They took off on Uncle J's ("Hi " Uncle J!) motorcycle and went  somewhere totally fun without me!:

Breakfast Man tried to make excuses like, "Sorry girl, but animals aren't allowed at the Desert Museum."  But look at all the animals they saw at the Museum.
Mountain Lions,

Bob cats,


Prairie dogs,  (dogs?  See, there were dogs there!)

Harris Hawks held by the wonderful docents,

Even my cousins the Wolves were there!


And they have snakes at the Desert Museum,

Wait a minute!  Snakes???
Never mind!  Glad you had a fun and safe time without me peeps!

Welcome, Welcome!

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The title of my blog suggests I'm spoiled, but I prefer "well taken care of". I love adventures and I want to share mine with you. Welcome!

Meet the Peeps: Breakfast Man

Meet the Peeps: Breakfast Man
Breakfast Man: the go-to-guy for yummy morsals in the morning.

Meet the Peeps: Lovie Lady

Meet the Peeps: Lovie Lady
Lovie Lady: always there to give big hugs and kisses- and baths. Boo!

Meet the Peeps: Dexie

Meet the Peeps: Dexie
Dexie: she's the newest member of the family and my right-paw gal.

Meet the Peeps: Peanut the Nemesis

Meet the Peeps: Peanut the Nemesis
Peanut the Nemesis: a cat, 'nuff said

Meet the Peeps: Robert Dashel Par, aka "Dash"

Meet the Peeps: Robert Dashel Par, aka "Dash"
Dash: the desert tortoise who lives in a special area in my back yard. I'm not allowed in his area after "the incident".

Awards I am grateful to receive:

Awards I am grateful to receive: