Friday, April 30, 2010

How many licks to the center of a Family Pic?

Hi All! Sierra-dog here.

I am about to take you behind the scenes of my little blog and show ya'll out there in blog-land how much work I put into my pictures.
Take for instance a family photo.

Awww, how sweet.  But let's count how many pictures it took to get this one special picture.
Ready?  Brace yourself....
1 . Run... Forrest BM...Run...

2. So close!

3. Oops, missing BM.

4. Me: "I DON"T WANT TO SIT UP!"  Oh, and here comes BM- or at least his hand.

5. LL and me in a power struggle. 

6. LL: Is something wrong with the timer?
    Me: DUH!

7. Nice pants.

8. Boy, BM sure is getting a lot of exercise this way.

9. Don't sit on me!

10. Yep, we do it all for you.

How many bloopers do you go through until you get a blog-worthy pic? Are we normal just like the rest of you?  =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"S" is for Swimming

Hey everyone!  Sierra-dog here, and boy this is an exciting day!  It's my first day of swimming for the season.  Dexie can barely contain her excitement, or her tongue.


 First toss!

First...wait for it...

...first plop.

Dexie's first fetch.

My first ball fetch.

Good job Dexie!  (I taught her everything she knows.)

Wishing you the very best this swimming season!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Augie and Ti... Very Bestest Boyfriends EVER!

Look what came in the mail for us from Augie and Ti!!!!!!!
Augie and Ti are so amazing.  Just look at those boxes- so darling and creative! *Gush, gush*

Being the Very Bestest Boyfriends (VBBs) comes so easily for Augie and Ti.  Dexie received a love note from Ti.

I got a love note from Augie!

Not only are the boxes pawsome, they had stuff in them too- GOOD stuff!

I got a mouse... which Dexie promptly wanted to steal.  BM swooped in and saved the day.

Dexie got a raccoon...

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better we found more!

We each got Augie and Ti's very own Double Dog Bakery Natural Dog Treats! *Drool*

They are the best! (We are not just saying that because the boys are our VBBs.  They are really, really good.  LL and BM even threatened to try them, they smell so good.  But we wouldn't let them.)
Sorry BM, those babies are ours! Mutts off!

Thank you SOOOOOO much Augie and Ti!  We LUV you so much!

 The treats are AMAZING.  It was so hard to wait!

But I did, check out the video above!

Now for some action shots....




Thank you again Augie and Ti!  You are the Very Bestest Boyfriends in the whole world! 

Mooches Smooches to Augie and Ti!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A greatly needed outing

Since life has been kinda quite around here lately when LL said "Let's hop in the car!" with major enthusiasm I was a little skeptical.
"Oh hum...a car trip.  We are probably only going to the vet. Boooooring!"

A half hour later...
"Wait a minute!  THIS isn't the vet!"

"We are at the State Park! PAWESOME!"

"Come on LL!  We'll lead the way!"

Whew!  That was quite a hike... look what we found...




And an Alien!  Who knew they had these at the State Parks?

It was a wonderful day!

If your ever want to visit Montrose Pools like we did, go here:

From Tucson head north on Oracle road until you pass Tangerine.  Look for the signs and the entrance into the park on the right.  From Phoenix, take I-10 East to the Tangerine exit.  Drive all the way down Tangerine until you get to Oracle.  Turn left on Oracle then right into the park.  Or- easier yet, give us a shout and we will join you! Leashed dogs are always welcome at the Catalina State Park.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's back from Costa Rica!

Hi Ya'll!  Big news- LL is back from Costa Rica!  Ok, well she has been back for a little while, but she was super busy cozying up to a box of tissues for the last while, so things (like my blog) that did not involve turning over in bed, eating chicken soup, consuming a drug store worth of pharmaceuticals, or complaining incessantly about being soooo sick really took a back seat.   Fortunately she feels much better and has resumed her position as my trusty editor and typist.  Yea!

LL loved her trip and almost didn't come home at all.  Gasp!  She would have sent for me- I'm sure.
Here are her top 10 reasons for contemplating abandoning me and leaving me as an orphan with only BM to look after my care and feeding.
(She is totally joking, I'm sure.  "Right ma?  MA...?  Right?"  *Silence.*  "MA! NOT funny!")

 10 Ten reasons for staying in Costa Rica FOREVER:
1. The beach!

2. The beauty.

3. The group of amazing women who were all trying something for the first time. (LL is holding the blue and yellow board.)
4.The wonderful and talented surf instructors.

5. Accomplishing big goals.  (Great job mom! Oh, I mean knarly dude!)

6. The waves.

7. The sunset.

8. The river rafting. (LL is in the orange shirt.)

9. The zip lines and meeting people who don't mind looking goofy too! (LL is in purple.)

10. Cliff jumping!

 Top 3 reasons why LL came home from Costa Rica:
3. Hello? Who could stay away from this gorgeous face?

2.  This one's not too bad either.

1.  I think BM has this one in the bag.  Awwwww. Look what was waiting for LL at the airport.  So sweet!

Thanks for enduring LL's vacation pictures! I look forward to visiting you all soon and seeing what you have been up to.

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