Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Fat Traitors

It's just not in my nature as the sweetest Golden ever, but I have to say I am a little put out.  I was looking through the pictures on Lovie Lady's computer and look what I found!  Gasp!  The peeps went out and had fun without me this weekend!  Can you believe it?  I thought they were going to work or something like that.  But NO- they were having a blast and I wasn't invited... and here is undeniable proof.  See?
They took off on Uncle J's ("Hi " Uncle J!) motorcycle and went  somewhere totally fun without me!:

Breakfast Man tried to make excuses like, "Sorry girl, but animals aren't allowed at the Desert Museum."  But look at all the animals they saw at the Museum.
Mountain Lions,

Bob cats,


Prairie dogs,  (dogs?  See, there were dogs there!)

Harris Hawks held by the wonderful docents,

Even my cousins the Wolves were there!


And they have snakes at the Desert Museum,

Wait a minute!  Snakes???
Never mind!  Glad you had a fun and safe time without me peeps!


  1. Sorry you got left behind but your right, snakes-no thank you!

    Your pal in the snow,

  2. I've always wondered how Jack would handle all the smells at the museum, but I understand why they won't let puppies visit!

    Great picts!

  3. Hi Sierra-dog,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. It's a wonder I didn't see you when you were in Sedona. I always look out for my golden cousins. There's still snow a little drive away and I got to play in it again today.
    It looks like your mum visits some of the same blogs my mum does. Does she do that funny thing with the string and the two sticks?
    Hope I'll be seeing more of you.

  4. Whoa! You got gypped! But perhaps your peeps wanted to go look at some INFERIOR animals? They don't want to be too blinded by your awesomeness ;-)

  5. Hey there, Sierra (and Mom)
    ...and thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. Congratulations on getting into blogging - it's a great way to meet new, interesting folk around the world. We love to make new friends and to see what they get up to in their countries.
    Sierra - you are really beautiful! - but what else would you expect from a Golden!? We love your blog and really enjoyed your Desert Museum post - so many animals which are unfamiliar to us. We must also say that we will most definitely be a fan of "Dash" too and would love to hear more about him. What a perfect name for a tortoise! hehe!
    Well, its great to meet you. We'll be following you.
    Take care and see ya soon.

  6. Abigail likes the mountain lions, Joel likes the hawk and Kathy likes the prairie dog with the tubby tummy. (Joel likes Peanut the cat too.) Thanks for sharing the desert creatures with those of us in soggy Seattle where the grass is always green.
    the Rausches at Harmony Harbor


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