Thursday, February 25, 2010

We hiked! Also featuring the Tongue Game...Good luck!

Hi Everyone! Do you want to play a game?  It's called "Count the Puppy Tongues."  (Ok, so I totally made that up, can you tell?)
How many pink puppy tongues can you count throughout this post? Biggify if you feel the need.
Here an example of a picture with 0 tongues.

And  here is an example of a picture with 1 tongue. 

Got it? (I know it's not that hard, but a prize is involved, so I had to be clear.)  Leave a comment with the CORRECT answer and you will be entered into the drawing for a little goody!  The contest ends at 6pm (Tucson time) on February 28th, so you only have a few days.  Good luck!

Ready? Start counting from here...

We Hiked! 
We have stayed indoors WAY too much lately, but the sun was shining and we felt like an adventure. "Ye-Ha!" (That's Cowgirl talk for "Let's go ya'll.  I'm itching to hike!")

LL ties on my imaginary leash.  Freedom!  But I have to come when called EVERY time.

"No problem!"

"Come on guys, I'll lead the way to our special rock."

We found "our" rock.

It's a special place to take a rest.

Good thing, because Dexie was dead-dog-tired.

LL smelled "something funny." After a while she pin-pointed the cause of the lovely odor. It may or may not have been the cow poo-poo that I rolled in on our way to the special rock.  "Perfume of the  Desert Gods" I call it.  LL begs to differ.  You can barely see it in this picture, but it smelled GREAT and made my fur so lovely- trust me.

Good 'ol BM says: "That's ok, Sierra.  I'll hang out with you."
That's why he is my favorite peep.

That is also why I'm not even the slightest bit tempted to yell "Boo!" and startle him while close to the ledge. Although I thought about it... for a split second.

A hike in the desert wouldn't be complete without a picture in front of a giant Saguaro.

Hey! Where is BM going?

He found some more great rocks!

Dexie liked this one.  So did I!

BM: "Well girl, can you find our way back to the truck?"

Me: "No problem! Just follow me."

The END(s).

How many puppy tongues did you count?
Good luck!

A note from the Editor:  Don't worry guys, we had plenty of water for Sierra and Dexie and ourselves while we were hiking.  It was just a warm February day and they did a lot of running around.  We obviously got a lot of shots with them showing off their pretty pink tongues! =)


  1. I think I khounted 18

    Some of the shots didn't show any tongue that I khould see!

    No matter how many there are/were, I did see HAPPY KHANINES!


  2. I think it's 19,but not sure about the 2nd to last pic...maybe a little glimpse of tongue? Love the pics though!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Hey there Sierra
    Never mind the tongues..the countryside is magnificent! But if you must....20!
    Lotsalicks...hope you get to display your tongues many, many times.

  4. "Perfume of the Desert Gods" cracked me up!

    I got 18 if we're just counting *hanging* tongues, 19 including "glimpse" of tongue LOL I'll go with 19.

  5. Do you really have a ritual of an imaginary leash?? That's so great that you can let them go off-leash in that terrain and know they're going to come back. We're still working on that one!

  6. We say 20!

    Looks like they both had a great time.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. We also say 20, and are envious of a nice long warm walk!!

  8. I think its 18. Thanks for visiting my blog. Macy Dog, Bella Dog and Oscar Dog (who is visiting this week) say Hi... well "woof" really..

  9. What a wonderful hike Sierra!!!! How about 18!?!?!?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Hi Sierra

    We are guessing 20. Looks like you had a great hike, and our mom liked the imaginary leash idea.

    Tucker and Daisy

  11. We had too much fun looking at the pictures - we forgot to count tongues! You need to come up and hike in our neck of the woods one time - I bet Sam would love to meet all of you!


  12. Woof! Woof! I am so jealous I wish I can join you in your hike. SUNSHINE!!! Mom's friends will be in your town next month and can't wait to enjoy the SUNSHINE. Your tongue sure a sign of FUN and ENJOYMENT. Oh! BTW 19 is our count. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. i COUNTED 19!! am i right am i right? though im a little late for the contest. woof woof.

    love yr reddish coat! and the puppy tongues pictures are so cute!

  14. I dunno - I can't count over ten.

    But, it's so shocking to see a place where humans and dogs look like they're HOT! Wow. I wallowed in 4' of snow today during a hike.

    We're planning a trip to the 4 corners area in March to experience some warmth!!!! I need to research it to make sure that we'll find warmth there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Hi Sierra! Awesome pictures looks like you have a wonderfully fun life. Found you through Maxdog's blog :)


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