Thursday, February 4, 2010

Formal(ish) Introductions: Part 4- Me! Warning- serious cuteness ahead.

January 2003...
LL: Lets go look at some Golden Retriever puppies.
BM: But we don't have any puppy food!
LL: Well, we aren't going to get the first puppy that we see. We have to research this.  We have to take our time and make the the best choice, silly.
They hop in the truck and drive the 2 hours to Sierra Vista, AZ where they saw this:
My beautiful mug.

LL: She's perfect, we'll take her!!!!!
BM: She IS perfect, but what ever happened to researching and not taking the first one we see?
LL: What are you talking about?  Just look at her sweet face!
*Scratch, Scratch, Scratch. Pen swishes over checkbook. Man holding checkbook has a very smug look on his face.  I lick it.* 
They were sold, and my work began. 
The peeps stopped at a big store on the way home and purchased puppy chow. (BM didn't rub it in that he was right- TOO much. ) They also got a DRD- a Dog Recording Device.  Known in other families as a "digital camera."
They started documenting what I was doing- and I started my work right away.  
 I slept...
cuddled wth Lovie Lady... 
and slept some more. (It was a long ride to my forever home.)
I trained  LL to give me treats.
Me: When I sit, you give me a treat- Ready?

Me: Now, give me the treat.  Good peep!
Training LL was hard work, so I had to sleep some more.
 I modeled for my adoring fans...

and caught up on my beauty rest.
I taught BM to give me treats too.
Me: Ok, lets go over this again.  I shake your paw, you give me that tasty morsel. Got it?

It wasn't all work, I taught the peeps to take time to play everyday...
and I even taught Uncle T the game of tug!
The peeps were coming along very nicely, but their training would not be complete with out learning to throw.
I taught them to throw balls...
and doughnuts...
It was hard work *yawn* but the peeps turned out just fine...
and I could finally sleep...some more.


  1. AAAAwwww, cuteness overload!

    You could write a book about how to train your people. You are obviously very good at it.

    Licks and slobbers,

  2. Woof! COOL Introduction Sierra. Puppy photos is always adorable. Hope you are keeping up with your training. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. You were right, too much puppy cuteness!!! Puppy smushy face is pretty cute though..

    Elizabeth & Luna

  4. If only they would stay that little for just a few more years - say 20 :)

  5. OMD!

    Woo are going to make my Auntie Di in Phoenix go AHHHH, AWWWWW, and then leak...

    Her Heart Dog was a GR named Sierra - she misses her evFURRYday...

    Thank Woo fur khoming by my khorner!


  6. I would really love to steal you! ♥

  7. So much cuteness, I almost fainted! I love the whole, "we are just going to LOOK at puppies" thing... does that EVER work? LOL Glad Mom and Dad chose you, Sierra!

  8. OH my dawg. I thoroughly enjoyed this story! where to start? i loved it all! especially your trainnng of the PEEPS. that's hard work! Sierra, i love your name. Loki and Juno have a pal named Sierra (a GSD!) and it seems like you got it from your town! cool!
    wild dingo
    ps. i see nigel is planning a pup nap. YOu'd better hide out at Wild Dingo for safety!

  9. Oh my, how fuzzy you were! ...but you are still as cute as you were then!


  10. Ha ha! The conversation pre-puppy is so typical! I do that to my husband all the time, too. What a lucky pup Sierra is, to have such trainable peeps!

  11. OMDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
    You were and are soooooo cute!!!!!
    What a great great post baby!!!!!!
    We love your high five with your dad and we love love love your squeezy face through your mommy legs!!!!!!
    The boys are drooling watching you sweety!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us such a sweet moment!!!
    You made our day!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks dear Sierra!!!!!
    And special hugs from the boy!!!

  12. What a wonderful blog you have here! I enjoyed my visit and will certainly be back! I hope you can stop by and visit my brand new blog soon too! We have a Golden puppy and 6 other doggies as well as 7 cats! We have a separate blog that is about in it's 3rd year now that is mostly about our cats!

    *purrs and puppy kisses*

  13. Cuteness Overdose for sure!!!


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